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Backflow Testing & Installation, LLC has been connecting and inspecting backflow devices since 2003. We are licensed and fully certified (BPAT #02230).
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Backflow prevention is necessary to keep our public water supply clean and uncontaminated. Backflow devices prevent the pollution of drinking water.
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Is your business at risk for a backflow problem? Medical facilities, factories, restaurants and many other businesses require backflow devices.
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Do you have a backflow problem? Have you been contacted by your local water authority? Is your backflow device working correctly?
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Lift Equipment Provider that guarantees you a full-service experience

Allied Equipment LLC is a lift equipment provider that's had a full experience in the industry. Founded by Steve Masucci, with over 35 years of experience in aerial equipment business. Allied is known for being responsive to all customer inquiries. Furthermore, we are one of the leading independently-owned lift equipment providers in the area. We have created a community that has collaborated and worked with a wide network of lift equipment wholesalers all over the North America. As a team, Allied Equipment LLC provides a wide selection of high-quality scissor and aerial lifts for sale. From towable lifts, electric scissor lifts, rough terrain boom lifts, or any other style of aerial lift, Allied can help you find the right product that's just priced right for you. Purchase lifts that are brand new, second-hand yet high-quality, or even acquire a service.

We are committed to offering nothing but excellent quality aerial lifts for sale. There's no shortage of variety and choices when it comes to picking the right make and model designed by leading manufacturers. They're all sold at competitive prices and delivered to meet the equipment standards of your job sites. Allied also employs experts that are trained and knowledgeable in every type of lift equipment. Ours is a team you can rely on to get the job done. With Allied Equipment, you can explore and find the equipment that best suits your business' needs. We welcome all clients to ask about the training we offer, reconditioning, and our range of services.

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